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We cherish Indian culture, local communities, and tradition. As a research-based label, we explore traditional handloom weaving techniques with a focus on craft revival and local practices entwined with a dash of urban silhouettes appealing to the global market.

Rustic Hue® is a combination of two words with 'Rustic' referring to the countryside and 'Hue' meaning colour. The research-based conscious label is an amalgamation of rural flavors and unusual colors to create contemporary clothing and accessories, which is hand-woven and handcrafted. Our soul is connected to the roots of our villages.


Being conscious about our environment, we ensure maximum utilization of raw materials by up-cycling/re-using post-production leftovers into some or other functional product (Textiles, accessories, garments etc). These creations are a part of our "Rustic Hue Jugaad" line where every piece is unique and you may not get the same piece again.


We are committed to sustainability with a focus on working

with local handloom weavers' communities like Meher Bhulia and Kosta;

practising traditional handloom techniques like Sambalpuri Ikat, Bomkai, Three-shuttle weaving with natural fibres;

on craft revival and cultural sustainability

towards waste management: Up-cycling/re-using/repurposing leftover textiles at the studio or unused stock/damaged yarns after the production on the loom.

Our label is synonymous with sustainability, zero-waste, and handmade.


The label is the brainchild of Swikruti Pradhan - a Sustainable Fashion Researcher, Designer, Consultant, and NIFT alumna. Having worked in various domains of the fashion industry viz. design, manufacturing, and retail, she decided to take the plunge and launch her own research-based sustainable fashion label. She has worked as a design consultant for different projects for the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, and the Crafts Council of India. Her scholarly works on Sustainable Fashion, Circular Fashion, Local Communities & Practices, Craft Revival Cultural Sustainability, and Heritage & Ancient Textiles, etc have been published in many International/National publications.

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