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Transition in Tradition

“Transition in Tradition” consists of all women’s ready-to-wear and accessories made with handwoven vat dyed cotton fabrics from Western Odisha. For everyday morning to evening, cotton fabric is the best option. The hand appliqué (/əˈpliːke/) technique locally known as “Chandua” work in Pipli, Odisha has been used to give a whole new dimension to the traditional handicraft famous for décor items and vibrant colours. Chandua work is majorly used for handicrafts in this region and our collection stretches it to bring this artisanship into our daily lives – our outfits and jewellery. The collection comprises chic skirts and dresses to elegant kurtas to smart-casual tops that can be styled in many different ways. Our collection is an amalgamation of handicraft artistry, handloom weaves, and contemporary silhouettes, that give a very cool vibe to your overall personality.


So, go on and binge on these lovely designs!

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