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Rustic Hue Jugaad

Being environmentally conscious, we ensure maximum utilization of fabrics by up-cycling/re-purposing post-production fabrics at our studio into some or other functional products. Now, we are developing handwoven fabrics using discarded/damaged yarns by the weavers as they no longer found them useful for their work on the loom.

             'Rustic hue Jugaad' tells our story of #reducereuserecycle. Each piece from the collection is an outcome of either post-production leftover handwoven fabrics from other collections or our developed handwoven yardages from damaged/leftover yarns that were earlier being dumped by the weavers in the villages. It is challenging to create fabrics in the pit looms using damaged and reusing leftover dyed yarns in the villages which were meant for some other pre-conceived designs by the weavers. Take a look around the outfits or textile jewellery here, which gave a second life to the discarded yarns or 'Chindi' of fabrics.

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