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Rustic Hue x Boyanika Fashion Show 2019


In collaboration with Boyanika to promote exquisite Odisha handloom weaves with utmost creativity, we presented our collection ‘Rustic Hue Jugaad’ at the 14th National Crafts Mela in Janata Maidan, Bhubaneswar. The collection showcased a bundle of Women’s tops, skirts, jackets, maxi dresses, stoles and neckpieces like Chokers in all-natural fibers like mulberry silk and cotton using handloom techniques such as ikat, bomkai, and extra weft. 


The collection showcased sustainable fashion practices such as ‘zero-waste’ to convert post-production leftover fabrics after garment construction into accessories and discarded yarns into fabrics.


We received support and appreciation for our constant efforts on working with Odisha handloom weaves and approach towards sustainable fashion practices.



Soumya Pani
My first purchase from Rustic Hue was a mulberry silk-cotton saree. The USP of the saree is its beautiful colour combination of yellow body and black border. The product is a very lightweight airy saree and easy to carry, exactly what I was looking for. I am super happy with the product. I couldn't help myself but order two more Bapta Patta sarees and the products are exactly as shown in the pictures 😊

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